How many fields will the new stadium have?

    The new Warren Park Stadium will have three full sized grass fields, one to national standard.

    Where will the new stadium be built?

    The preferred site is at Warren Park, the current home of the South Darwin rugby league and rugby union clubs. 

    The site is located off Abala Road within the Marrara Sporting Complex.

    When does consultation on the design close?

    Feedback on the proposed design closes 01 July 2017. The Northern Territory Government will then advertise for a design and construct tender through the normal NT Government procurement process.

    Why is a new rugby league stadium being built at Marrara?

    Warren Park is a great home for rugby league; it is easily accessible for families, has the necessary room for construction and will help grow the sport in the Northern Territory.

    The ground will be owned by the NT Government and will be available to be used by other sports played on rectangular fields, such as rugby union, touch rugby and for other large-scale events.

    A first-class rectangular ground will enhance the viewing experience of local rugby league fixtures in Darwin.

    What are the environmental considerations at the proposed site?

    An environmental management plan will be developed prior to works commencing. 

    Who is on the project steering committee?

    Project Steering Committee includes: 

    • South Darwin Sporting League
    • South Darwin Rugby League
    • South Darwin Rugby Union
    • NRLNT
    • NT Rugby Union
    • NRL 

    Who will manage the new stadium?

    Management of the facility is currently being worked through with the project stake holders. 

    When will construction start?

    Preliminary site clearing and civil works are expected to commence in the latter half of 2017.

    How will you use my feedback?

    Feedback will be fed back to the steering committee to inform the final design.

    What is being done to maintain access to the Marrara precinct and other sporting venues during construction of the stadium?

    As part of the construction project, the Northern Territory Government is undertaking a Traffic Management Study of the area.

    The study will examine issues such as -

    • current traffic volumes on surrounding roads
    • projected traffic generation from the sporting activities conducted at the stadium,
    • the impact of additional traffic on intersections,
    • queuing times
    • whether any improvements to roads and intersections will be required to manage additional traffic.

    The traffic impact study will also look at public transport services and parking, and road safety implications.

    The aim of the study is to look at what needs to be done to ensure that users can access and use the site safely and conveniently.