What is the five point plan to introduce ridesharing?

    The Northern Territory Government has committed to bringing ridesharing to the Territory. The five point plan to achieve this outcome includes:

    1.  Consultation. Territorians will be consulted and have the ability to make submissions as part of a public survey to help design a simple and effective set of rules for all ridesharing to operate in the Territory.

    2.  Steering Committee. A Steering Committee has been created with representatives from the commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) industry, the Taxi Council of the NT, consumers, business groups, the Transport Workers’ Union and economic experts to advise Government.

    3.  Safety and Fair Working Conditions. A fair go for passengers, drivers and new and operators to ensure safety and fair working conditions for all.

    4.  Smart, Open and Fair Regulation. Regulation guidelines will be directed by the sharing economy principles being:

    ·  primary property is yours to share;

    ·  new services must support good wages and working conditions;

    ·  everyone must pay their fair share of tax;

    ·  proper protection for public safety;

    ·  access for all; and

    ·  playing by the rules.

    5.  Implementation and Legislation in 2017. Legislation will be introduced to Parliament in 2017 to allow ridesharing transport services to operate in the Northern Territory.

    What will be the role of the steering committee?

    Steering Committee

    A Ridesharing Steering Committee (Steering Committee) has been formed to provide input into a regulatory model for ridesharing services in the Northern Territory.

    The Steering Committee will help develop a simple and effective model for incorporation into legislation and regulations to facilitate ridesharing in the Northern Territory ensuring:

    ·  a level playing field between the various CPV sectors, proportionate to their access to market,

    ·  National Sharing Economy Principles are incorporated into the model as much as practically possible.

    Steering Committee members will also liaise with other members of their industry sector to seek comment and input into the proposed model.