1. When will this Strategy be put into action?

    This Strategy is currently undergoing the consultation phase for a minimum of six weeks. The NT Government will refine the draft Strategy as required following public consultations. It is expected that the final ‘Everyone Together’ Aboriginal Affairs Strategy will be finalised late 2019. 

    2. How will you make sure it is working?

    The Strategy will be accompanied by an annual Performance and Reporting Framework. This Framework is currently under development and will be used to illustrate change and inform future decision making. 

    3. How much is it costing the Northern Territory to do this?

    The draft Aboriginal Affairs Strategy has been developed with Aboriginal communities and internal and external stakeholders using the existing resources of the Office of Aboriginal Affairs in the Department of the Chief Minister. 

    4. Was consultation undertaken to develop the Strategy?

    Yes. The NT Government had undertaken several months of consultation with Aboriginal communities within the Northern Territory. Aboriginal organisations were also involved throughout the design process.

    5. Why do we need another Strategy?

    All jurisdictions have their own Aboriginal Affairs Strategy. The draft 'Everyone Together' Aboriginal Affairs Strategy introduces new government commitments and a new way of doing business with Aboriginal communities, including Local Decision Making.

    6. What are you doing with this feedback? How will I know if you’ve listened to my concerns?

    The NT Government will consider the feedback from all parties during the consultation process, and will refine the draft Strategy as required following public consultations. 

    7. How do I contact someone to talk about the Strategy?

    Contact details are included on the final page of the draft Strategy. Alternatively, you can attend one of the public consultation sessions. 

    8. Isn’t Closing the Gap already doing this?

    Closing the Gap is a national shared commitment by all Australian jurisdictions. The Closing the Gap refresh framework will have alignment with the Everyone Together Aboriginal Affairs Strategy. Closing the Gap is part of the Northern Territory’s approach to improving the lives of Aboriginal Territorians.